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I'm working with thinking sphinx

    define_index do
        indexes to
        indexes created_on
        has created_on

now while searching on console

    Emaildumps.search 5.day.ago,
    :group_by => 'created_on',
    :group_function => :day

now the error i get is

     Sphinx Daemon returned error: index emaildumps_core: INTERNAL ERROR: incoming-schema mismatch (in=timestamp created_on:32@160, my=timestamp created_on:32@0)

it may be a dumb question but i'm a newbee at sphinx and i can't understand the fundamentals of indexing and searching in it

what am I doing wrong??

so please help me out.

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It's perhaps related, but you can't have fields and attributes with the same name. So, I'd recommend aliasing one of those (the field is better):

define_index do
  indexes to
  indexes created_on, :as => :created_on_field
  has created_on

That said, not sure if there's much value in having created_on as a field, but up to you.

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