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I came across the declaration in a software best practices guide that algorithm and code shouldn't get mixed up. I'm not sure what is meant by this? As far as I understand, code is the implementation of the algorithm, isn't is? So, what exactly is meant by this statement? and why it is considered as a good practice?

Thank You!

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The context in which the author mentioned would be clearer if you had pasted the surrounding lines. Though what it would mean to me is, an algorithm is just a clear step-by-step logic that you would use to implement. You would leave out the finer implementation details like selection of the right data structure and other implementation details while you write/design the algorithm.

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I agree with this. I'd assume it's more related to to creation of an algorithm and keeping it code agnostic rather than the creation of the code itself. – Mr Moose Feb 22 '12 at 7:13
@Gargi: I certainly would have done so, but this was in a point form. Anyway it should be what u explained above, thanks. – Izza Feb 22 '12 at 7:48

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