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Hello friends,

I have developing an app in Titanium and I have an issue is that merge two array into one array so please give me idea to my issue.

Thanks in advance.

var tableData = ['Restaurants','Coffee','Bars','ATMs','Gas Stations','Hotels','Attractions','Pizza','Post Office'];

var categoryData = [];

var tableData = [];

PlacesTypeCells = function createRow() 

    alert('custom cells'+currentWindow.category);
        alert('add category');

    tableData = placeData + categoryData;

I want merge placeData and categoryData into tableData array so please give me idea how can I do this?

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placeData is not defined in your code. Please correct it. And to merge two arrays use : javascript concat method. –  vaibhav Feb 23 '12 at 14:14

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tableData = categoryData.concat(placeData);

try this

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