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I have request url like http://localhost:8080/api/create/ ,and the controller has the following code

@RequestMapping(value = "/", method = RequestMethod.GET)
    public ResponseEntity<String> getApiResponse(HttpServletRequest request)
            throws Exception {}

How will the control comes to this method ? I thers any way in spring to do this as i want the request Mapping url to be '/' only

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it should be:

@RequestMapping(value = "/create", method = RequestMethod.GET)

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The point of the request-mapping is to map each method to a different url. In your case:

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If your web application is a default web application on your application server, i.e. you do no have to mention the path to application itself in your URL you have to say

@RequestMapping(value = "/*", method = RequestMethod.GET) or

@RequestMapping(value = "/api/create/", method = RequestMethod.GET)

or put @RequestMapping annotation on class: @RequestMapping(value = "/api/", method = RequestMethod.GET) and then mark getApiResponse method with annotation @RequestMapping(value = "/create/", method = RequestMethod.GET)

You can also mention several URLs into one @RequestMapping annotation:

@RequestMapping(value = {"/api/", "/api", "/api/*", "/api/create/"})

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thanks for the idea,the requirement is like ther equest url can be anything localhost:8080/api/create?test=""; or localhost:8080/api/create/edit but ther equestMapping should be just '/' –  user1195292 Feb 22 '12 at 8:08

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