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I have an Pivot table in an Excel Sheet where i want to put an custom filter on the label Worktype. The Worktype can have only 5 values i.e. Non Production, REX, QA, RES, BP. The filter should be like this that: IF(WorkType Contain only "Non Production) then Show "Non Production" in WorkType, else Hide "Non Production" in WorkType and show remaining WorkType (REX,QA,RES,BP) .

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In essence this answer is "you do not need a 'custom' filter, standard features do exactly what you would like done" (if I am understanding your question).

With dummy data as shown and two pivot tables (to show different selections via filter):


In the smaller pivot table only Non Production is ticked in the filter selection and in the lower pivot table that selection is inverted.

I appreciate this may well not be what you wanted, but if so further clarification may be appropriate.

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