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Is there a way to reflect an IronPython class to find its methods from C#? I can do this for IronRuby by RubyClass and RubyMethodInfo. Are there similar classes for IronPython? Thanks.

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If you are using .NET 4 or higher, this is easy if you just let python do it for you:

  static void Main(string[] args)
        var script = @"
            class TestObject:
                def Member1(self):
        var setup = new ScriptRuntimeSetup();

        var runtime = new ScriptRuntime(setup);
        var engine = runtime.GetEngineByTypeName(typeof(PythonContext).AssemblyQualifiedName);

        var scope = engine.CreateScope();
        engine.Execute(script, scope);

        foreach (var member in GetMembers(engine, ((dynamic)scope).TestObject))



Make sure to adjust the sample script comment block to fix the indentation.

Then just create a method that can do the inspection for you for any object (Python or C#)

 static dynamic GetMembers(ScriptEngine engine, dynamic obj)
        var scope = engine.CreateScope();
        scope.SetVariable("objectToInspect", obj);
        return engine.Execute("def i(obj): l = dir(obj); l.sort(); return l;\ni(objectToInspect)", scope);

This prints:

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