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Can someone suggest latest books on Statistical Machine Learning related to Computer Vision

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This is a very broad question. Books for what level? Any specific topic you are interested in? –  jilles de wit Feb 22 '12 at 12:18
graduate level & topics include Random forests and boosting algorithms ... most of the books contain algorithms from the 90's n 00's –  saleh... Feb 22 '12 at 12:42
Algorithms from the 90's and 00's are very recent. If you need more "cutting edge", you'll probably have to read research articles. –  nikie Feb 22 '12 at 12:55
Stanford has a free online Machine Learning class at ml-class.org. It's probably worth a look. –  SSteve Feb 22 '12 at 19:34

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Another good book is: - Pattern Recognition by Theodoridis and Koutroumbas

It's about classifiers, features and clustering in the context of pattern recognition.

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this is the best... although I've come up a bit late... –  saleh... Apr 11 '12 at 7:35
Haha, no problem, glad I could help! –  Geerten Apr 16 '12 at 11:26

I have read a few that are pretty good, but not specific to Computer Visions. These two are a good place to start, and #1 is available as a pdf!

  1. The Elements of Statistical Learning: Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction - Hastie, Tibshirani, Friedman
  2. Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning - Bishop
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thanks......... –  saleh... Feb 23 '12 at 6:08
1st book contains exactly what i needed...thanks again ;) –  saleh... Feb 23 '12 at 6:23
Glad it worked out for you. –  Derek Norton Mar 19 '12 at 14:33

In addition to the book and ml-class.org recommendation, check out the upcoming online computer vision class taught by Jitendra Malik.

That website also recommends these two books:

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thanks steve this is helpful too :) –  saleh... Feb 24 '12 at 3:23

Check this out http://computervisionmodels.blogspot.com/ it is a work in progress freely available draft. It is almost done last time I checked and very nicely written

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