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I am a new .Net developer who just know the basics of .Net and WPF. I need to learn the following frameworks for enterprise software development:

Prism – in particular Unity
Inversion of Control
Strategy Pattern
NUnit and Unit Testing

What should be the sequence I should tackle them? Is there any important topics I should understand first before launching into learning these frameworks (Maybe like threading)?

What is the best book on each framework, or on a few of these frameworks?

Thanks in advance!

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I suggest you just read up on each of the subjects. You can find a lot information on the internet.

Maybe you can start with TDD (Test Driven Development) since you want to use Unit testing. From this point you can learn about design patterns (Strategy pattern and maybe you need more than just Strategy)

And for WPF, if you're not familiar with WPF, go and create some projects to learn more about WPF. There's a lot information out there (Wpf

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