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Not quite sure how to get this one. I have a staff table and I need to find the average salary. I know I can use use avg(). But the trick is I need to find the average for departments that have more than 5 staff members. I'm not sure if I should use group by or how to use it. Thanks!

    CREATE TABLE STAFF (STAFF_ID                    CHAR(3),
                        STAFF_NAME              CHAR(20),
                        GENDER                  CHAR(6),
                        DEPARTMENT              CHAR(20),
                        BOSS_ID                 CHAR(3)
                        SALARY                  NUMBER(8,2));
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select DEPARTMENT,count(STAFF_ID) as CountStaff, avg(SALARY) as AVGSalary
from STAFF
having count(STAFF_ID) > 5
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If i have something like this: List the names of all boss(es) who have at least 3 staffs. Should i use "having" also? –  user1225281 Feb 22 '12 at 8:58
yes use Boss_ID in group by and having count(STAFF_ID) > 2 –  Vikram Feb 22 '12 at 9:51

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