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What is the best way to measure the code run time in ASP.NET page?

Here is my code, trying to time the page load and writing to log.

   private Stopwatch PageTimer = null;

    protected void Page_Init(Object Src, EventArgs E)
        if (!IsPostBack)
            PageTimer = new Stopwatch();


    protected override void OnPreRender(EventArgs e)
        if (!IsPostBack)
            Logger.SectionEnd("PageTimer", PageTimer, "", true);
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I'd recommend you use a HttpModule for that. There's one you can use at

HttpModule For Timing Requests (pretty old, I know, but still valid)

A good thing about HttpModules is that you have them self-register themselves if the "main application" has code for it. Using a module in another application is then just a copy paste in to the bin folder and it will start to operate.

If the "main application" doesn't support modules to self-register it can be added to the bin and web.config to start operating.

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Just expanded on it some more... –  Asken Feb 22 '12 at 10:42

You may try mvc-mini-profiler.

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That one was pretty cool actually. –  Asken Feb 22 '12 at 8:35
Does it work for web forms? –  Stilgar Feb 22 '12 at 9:20
Yes, it works perfectly fine: stackoverflow.com/a/6322629/29407 –  Darin Dimitrov Feb 22 '12 at 9:21

Here is another choice: Web Performance Test Using Visual Studio

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If you'd like something simple and fast i suggest using the global.asax file.
You can create this file by selecting new file in a website.

The global.asax file has a few methods, the ones you should be looking for are

You could start a timer, write some logging , do whatever to get the time between these 2 requests.
By doing it like this you have the exact time the request spent on your server, if you do it in the page_load and page_prerender you miss out on stuff like redirection, authentication, membership etc

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If you exclude logging, you can use firebug to measure client-side performance.

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