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Looking at the code of jBehave I noticed that all the @BeforeStory/Scenarios annotations run for all the Story/Scenario present in the purview of JBehave, I mean there doesn't seem to be any one to one corresponding between Story/Scenarios and @BeforeStory/Scenario annotations. Please correct me if I am wrong, in case this actually is the expected behavior could you please help me how to attain the one-two-one mapping of @BeforeStory/BeforeScenarios for the stories and the scenarios.

For your reference this is what i am doing :

For each text story there is a corresponding *Story.java which extends a SuperStory.java which in return extends JUnitStories. Moreover there exists a *Steps.java corresponding to each text story as well. *Steps.java are injected from a common spring bean inside the SuperStory.java.apart from this there is single LifeCycleSteps extending PerStoriesWebDriverSteps.

What I am looking to achieve :

I want to configure my @BeforeStory/@BeforeScenarios to configure in a way such that execution of story "x" should execute only the @BeforeStory/Scenarios of the Step "x"

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Have you ever found a solution? –  Dominik Obermaier Dec 30 '12 at 1:26

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