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I recently started making a month view similar to Android 4.0's Calendar View.

I also recently found a cool eclipse plugin by using which we can step into Android base classes, the plugin can be found here

I am now able to read the class implementation of Calendar View but there are many resources used in it like

mFirstDayOfWeek = attributesArray.getInt(R.styleable.CalendarView_firstDayOfWeek,

So I am basically trying to make a custom view by reading Calendar Views class and I am confused of the properties used by it. I know that they are declared in attrs.xml file but I wanted to have a look at the implementation by Google.

My question is can we also have a look at how those styleable attributes are declared?

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In the end, the best way is still to download the android source. You'll have access to all source files, resources, drawables, etc.

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true but wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to look at resources too, because they are there somewhere in the source code.. Anyways thanks for the answer:) –  Arif Nadeem Feb 24 '12 at 14:03

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