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I have a Pivot control in a page.

<controls:Pivot x:Name="pvtSearchFlights">
                    <toolkit:GestureListener DragCompleted="GestureListener_DragCompleted" Flick="GestureListener_Flick"   />
                <controls:PivotItem x:Name="pvtItemCurrent">
                    <StackPanel Height="700" Background="AliceBlue">
                <controls:PivotItem x:Name="pvtItemNext">
                    <StackPanel Height="700" Background="Red">
                <controls:PivotItem x:Name="pvtItemPrevious">
                    <StackPanel Height="700" Background="Green">

Here i am able to find the whether flick is right or left by the below code:

private void GestureListener_Flick(object sender, FlickGestureEventArgs e)
            if (e.Angle > 90 && e.Angle < 270)
                txtTest.Text = "right";
                txtTest.Text = "left";

If i drag the pivot pivot control, the pivot item is Changing but GestureListener_Flick event is not fired because it is a drag event(here it fired GestureListener_DragCompleted event). So while i am dragging also i have to find whether it is dragged to left or right?

Here my main aim is to find the whether pivot is moved right to left or left to right?

How can i find whether it is dragged to left or right?

Thanks in advance.

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Besides the panning/dragging gesture, you would also have to solve the issue for the third way to change items: tapping the header of the next item. –  murki Jun 1 '12 at 2:25

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What about storing current index of Pivot and add SelectionChanged event handler and then just compare old stored index and new one from event?

If diff "new - old" is gt 0, it is to the right and if diff is lt 0 it is to the left. You have to handle special state, when old or new is 0.

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