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I've seen many questions with variations on this theme, but I'm looking for the straightforward solution:

HTML form, jQuery validation, multiple fields are required. When the form is submitted, validation jumps to the first error and highlights it. To increase usability, I want to scroll to that first error field. But it keeps blowing up the validation entirely or throwing scrollTo errors.

I need to use the standard validation plugin (http://docs.jquery.com/Plugins/Validation) but any scroller would be fine, tho I had been trying with scrollTo (http://flesler.blogspot.com/2007/10/jqueryscrollto.html).

Sample code is at http://jsfiddle.net/DtgKQ/1/, any help is appreciated.

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Here's what you can do:

  • By default the validate plugin focuses the first erroneous element (in case there's any). Turn off the option focusInvalid by setting it to false.

  • The callback invalidHandler handler is executed when the form is invalid. You get access through the second parameter validator to the validator object and thus to the errorList array. You can then animate the scroll relatively to the first erroneous element.

Here's the code:

    focusInvalid: false,
    invalidHandler: function(form, validator) {

        if (!validator.numberOfInvalids())

        $('html, body').animate({
            scrollTop: $(validator.errorList[0].element).offset().top
        }, 2000);



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Very nice indeed +1 – Tx3 Feb 22 '12 at 9:48
figured it out: '$(validator.errorList[0].element).offset().top-20' – Heraldmonkey Feb 23 '12 at 12:25
Cool! I also recommend adding $(validator.errorList[0].element).focus(); so the field is focused afterwards – Dmitry Dzygin Oct 17 '12 at 8:49
^ best done after the animation by adding it to an anonymous function after the 2000 – Mike Causer Jul 5 '13 at 3:42
(stackoverflow.com/a/7557433/5628) to skip scrolling if element is in the viewport @MikeCauser – codenamejames Jun 24 '14 at 14:14

I dont like all the jQuery extentions so here is my solution to this problem:

if ($('#MYID').valid()) {
} else {
    $('html, body').animate({
         scrollTop: ($('.error').offset().top - 300)
    }, 2000);
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$(...).valid is not a function(…) (jQuery Version 2.2.1) – blackhatmario Jul 21 at 11:26

just add this code to your themes javascript:

(function($) {
    //bmo scroll to not valid
        $('html, body').animate({
                scrollTop: $(".wpcf7-not-valid").first().offset().top-30
            }, 2000);

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Maybe you could check what input failed and take it's position (top) and use jQuery's scrollTop


It seems that getting each error field isn't very easy to get (at least for me).

Search for errorPlacement in the Validation plugin documentation. There is an example how to get each error field.

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