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I have as some problem with using JGraph(T) library. I need change default selection view, example: default background is orange color, if vertex selected then green border was added, can i change this visualization strategy to change background to Color.BLUE on selected element. I try execute follow code:

 GraphSelectionModel graphSelectionModel = new DefaultGraphSelectionModel(jGraph);
    graphSelectionModel.addGraphSelectionListener(new GraphSelectionListener()
        HashMap oldestCellsAndAttrs = new HashMap();
        public void valueChanged(GraphSelectionEvent e)
            m_jgAdapter.edit(oldestCellsAndAttrs, null, null, null);
            Map cellAndAttrs = new HashMap();
            for (Object obj : e.getCells())
                DefaultGraphCell cell = (DefaultGraphCell) obj;
                oldestCellsAndAttrs.put(cell, JGraphModelAdapter.createDefaultVertexAttributes());
                Map attrs = cell.getAttributes();
                GraphConstants.setBackground(attrs, Color.BLUE);
                cellAndAttrs.put(cell, attrs);
            m_jgAdapter.edit(cellAndAttrs, null, null, null);
    fillGraph(tree, g);
    layout(g, m_jgAdapter, jGraph);
    setSize(3 * width / 4, height);

This change bkg on same selected objs, but not return after non-selection. Is exists default solve for this problem ?

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I solve problem with foollowing code:

        public void valueChanged(GraphSelectionEvent e)
           Object[] cells = e.getCells();
            HashMap<DefaultGraphCell, AttributeMap> cellsAndAttrs = new HashMap<DefaultGraphCell, AttributeMap>();
            for (Object c : cells)
                DefaultGraphCell cell = (DefaultGraphCell) c;
                AttributeMap cellAttrs = cell.getAttributes();
                if (jGraph.isCellSelected(cell))
                    GraphConstants.setBackground(cellAttrs, SELECTED_COLOR);
                    GraphConstants.setBackground(cellAttrs, NON_SELECTED_COLOR);
                cellsAndAttrs.put(cell, cellAttrs);
            m_jgAdapter.edit(cellsAndAttrs, null, null, null);
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