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I'm working on a parking lot system, and in my scenario I have 3 different parking lots each having a maximum capacity of 50 cars. I need an algorithm that when a car requests a spot, it will allocate a spot in a particular parking lot, taking into consideration that every parking lot has relatively the same amount of cars. I don't need code, however I'd appreciate any link or ideas to algorithms that could solve this.


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There is a fair bit of research into car parking systems. See for example:

There's probably lots more, that's just from a quick Google search.

You might take into account the distance from each car park, and the rate of filling/emptying of each car park.

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How about just taking the parking lot with currently the least utilization. That way over time all parking lots should have the same amount of cars.

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Maintain 3 variables -- the count of spaces free in each car park. As cars leave, increase these numbers. When a car requests a spot, allocate it to the car park with most free spaces and decrease the number. If 2 or 3 car parks have the same number of spaces free, allocate at random. Repeat ad infinitum.

Why does it need to be more complicated than this ?

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