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I want process messages in few threads but i'm getting error during execute this code:

from __future__ import with_statement
import pika
import sys
from pika.adapters.blocking_connection import BlockingConnection
from pika import connection, credentials
import time
import threading
import random
from pika.adapters.select_connection import SelectConnection
from pika.connection import Connection
import traceback

def doWork(body, args, channel):

    r = random.random()
    time.sleep(r * 10)

    except :

auth = credentials.PlainCredentials(username="guest", password="guest")
params = connection.ConnectionParameters(host="localhost", credentials=auth)
conn = BlockingConnection(params)
channel = conn.channel()

while True:


        method_frame, header_frame, body = channel.basic_get(queue="test_queue")
        if method_frame.NAME == 'Basic.GetEmpty':

        t = threading.Thread(target=doWork, args=[body, method_frame, channel])

    except Exception, e:

Error desctiption:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\work\projects\mq\start.py", line 43, in 
    method_frame, header_frame, body = channel.basic_get(queue="test_queue")
  File "C:\work\projects\mq\libs\pika\adapters\blocking_connection.py", line 318, in basic_get
    self.basic_get_(self, self._on_basic_get, ticket, queue, no_ack)
  File "C:\work\projects\mq\libs\pika\channel.py", line 469, in basic_get
  File "C:\work\projects\mq\libs\pika\adapters\blocking_connection.py", line 244, in send_method
  File "C:\work\projects\mq\libs\pika\adapters\blocking_connection.py", line 94, in process_data_events
  File "C:\work\projects\mq\libs\pika\adapters\base_connection.py", line 162, in _handle_read
  File "C:\work\projects\mq\libs\pika\connection.py", line 589, in _on_data_available
    frame)                 # Args
  File "C:\work\projects\mq\libs\pika\callback.py", line 124, in process
    callback(*args, **keywords)
  File "C:\work\projects\mq\libs\pika\adapters\blocking_connection.py", line 269, in _on_remote_close
AMQPChannelError: (406, 'PRECONDITION_FAILED - unknown delivery tag 204')

Versions: pika 0.9.5, rabbitMQ 2.6.1

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Yesterday i tried to use py-amqplib library instead pika. It worked fine. Likely there is a problem in pika library. –  solo117 Feb 24 '12 at 5:33

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The problem probably is that you're setting no_ack=True like this:

consumer_tag = channel.basic_consume(

And then acknowledging the messages:


You have to chose if you want to acknowledge or not and set the correct consume parameter.

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The root cause for my code is sync issue and config issue. I have a simple wrap to create rabbitmq consumer. When consume a temp queue (channel.queueDeclare("", false, true, true, args).getQueue()), the nextDelivery need to be protected using sync in multi-thread env. That means, if you get a message, you need to ack it before consume any other message. Otherwise, when call the ack, it will throw an exception and keep throw exception when consume... –  DeepNightTwo Jan 19 at 4:08

I don't have a fix, but I can verify that it occurs using the BlockingConnection adapter.

It consistently occurs when acknowledging or rejecting a message that is being redelivered in response to a channel.basic_recover()

pika 0.9.5, rabbitMQ 2.2.0, python 2.7, and Erlang R14B01

The workaround I have in place is to always specify deliver_tag=0

I suspect that this only works if the message you are acking/nacking is the last one you've read (in stream). The library I'm writing abstracts the message in such a way that each one can be acknowledged independently, which breaks with this solution.

Can anyone confirm if this has been fixed or acknowledged by anyone on the pika team yet ? Or, could it be it an issue with RabbitMQ ?

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I am seeing this error with node-amqp, so it must be an issue with RabbitMQ (version 3.0.2-1). –  alexfernandez Mar 1 '13 at 12:06

After seeing RabbitMQ - upgraded to a new version and got a lot of "PRECONDITION_FAILED unknown delivery tag 1"

I changed my basic-consume to look like this:

    consumer_tag = channel.basic_consume(

This had the effect of causing the described error on initial (not redelivered) acknowledgements when the message's delivery tag was specified. The delivery was extracted from the message delivery's method structure.



suppresses the error in this case, too

Looking at http://lists.rabbitmq.com/pipermail/rabbitmq-discuss/2011-July/013664.html makes it seem as though it may be an issue in RabbitMQ.

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You must specify a no_ack=True in your channel.basic_get(...) call. The default is False so no ACK is expected from the RabbitMQ server (that's why you get the "unknown delivery tag" error).

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