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The problem is Komodo intelli-sense doesn't see object methods defined this way:

var App = window.App || {
  method: function() {

Typing "App." gives no result.

However, defining an object like below works fine:

var App = {
   method: function(){

How to make autocompletion working at first example pattern?

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So if your (implied) question is how to work around this I guess you could omit the window.App|| part while you are editing the file and then put it back for testing/deployment. –  nnnnnn Feb 22 '12 at 10:14
Yep, but I wish intelli-sense were more intelligent :) –  mef Feb 22 '12 at 10:24

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Komodo has a macro API which can automate switching between the two patterns. Use the Add macro context menu option to create a new macro and paste the following code:

if (komodo.view && komodo.view.scintilla) { komodo.view.scintilla.focus(); } // bug 67103

// define visual mode pattern
var logical_or = RegExp(/\swindow.App\s\|\|/).exec(ko.views.manager.currentView.scimoz.text);

// check for visual mode pattern 
if (logical_or)
  Find_ReplaceAllInMacro(window, 0, '\\s(window.App\\s\\|\\|)', '/*\\1*/', true, 2, 0, false, false);  // replace with intellisense mode pattern
  // show mode in status bar
  ko.statusBar.AddMessage("Intellisense Mode", "imap", 0); 
// check for intellisense mode pattern
  Find_ReplaceAllInMacro(window, 0, '/*window.App ||*/', ' window.App ||', true, 0, 0, false, false);
  ko.statusBar.AddMessage("Visual Mode", "vmap", 0);

Click the macro in the toolbox to toggle between intellisense mode and visual mode.

As an alternative, a JSDoc comment may work as well.

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