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I am part of offsite team (India) , where i need to access Linux Servers running remotely (In US) My question here is , i am able to access those servers through putty , but it doesn't allow me to do any uploading to those servers ( Through scp -r foldername)

Please tell me what might be the issue here ?? and How can we resolve it ??


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I'm not sure if this here is the right place for this type of question.
If you can connect through Putty you should be able to transfer data with scp as well. Your error report did not include any error messages so it's kinda hard to tell what the exact reason is. It is possible you do not have permissions for the directory you try to write to.

Here is an example on how to transfer a directory to your home dir at the server:

scp -r /local/directory serverlogin@servername:~/  

Another option (usually a lot better than scp when you have many single files) is rsync if the server supports it.

rsync -e ssh -r /local/directory serverlogin@servername:~/  
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+1 for rsync (although -e ssh might be redundant...) – glglgl Feb 22 '12 at 10:23

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