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I have a working audio player implemented in WP7 that get the audio stream online with a HttpWebRequest and uses an AudioStreamingAgent and a MediaStreamSource to play it on the background.

The code to fetch the stream is the following:

public class AudioTrackStreamer : AudioStreamingAgent 
    protected override void OnBeginStreaming(AudioTrack track, AudioStreamer streamer)
        stream = GetDownloadStream(track.Tag);

        // Use sine wave audio generator to simulate a streaming audio feed
        BackgroundMp3MediaStreamSource mss = new BackgroundMp3MediaStreamSource(stream);

        // Event handler for when a track is complete or the user switches tracks
        mss.StreamingCompleted += new EventHandler(mss_StreamingCompleted);

        // Set the source
        streamer.SetSource((MediaStreamSource) mss);

I need to change the client to fetch an AES encoded stream and decode it before playing it.

I though that I could create a decoded stream and pass it to the BackgroundMp3MediaStreamSource. Something like:

stream = GetDownloadStream(track.Tag);
decodedStream = GetDecodedStream(stream);
BackgroundMp3MediaStreamSource mss = new BackgroundMp3MediaStreamSource(decodedStream);

private Stream GetDecodedStream(Stream encoded) {
    Stream destination = new MemoryStream();
    BackgroundWorker streamCopier = new BackgroundWorker();
    streamCopier.DoWork += (o, e) => StreamCopierDoWork(encoded, destination);

    return new NonUiStreamer(destination);

private static void StreamCopierDoWork(Stream encoded, Stream destination) {
    const int chunk = 1 * 1024;

    var buffer = new byte[chunk];

    AsyncCallback rc = null;
    rc = readResult => {
        int read = encoded.EndRead(readResult);
        if (read > 0) {
            destination.BeginWrite(buffer, 0, read, writeResult => {
                    encoded.BeginRead(buffer, 0, buffer.Length, rc, null);
            }, null);
    encoded.BeginRead(buffer, 0, chunk, rc, null);

Note: I'm not decoding the stream yet. Just copying it asynchronously to another stream to see if everything works.

But when I try to read the first bytes of the decoded stream decodedStream.Read(data, 0, 3); it returns 0 bytes.

Why can't I read the decodedStream?

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Hi, Daniel. I'm trying to implement a background live-stream audio player stackoverflow.com/questions/7111300/…. Can you, please, provide me how to do it? I mean the code. I looked for any example, but I couldn't find any right one. – Alexandre Mar 2 '12 at 3:07
@AlexMaslakov, you can get a good example here: github.com/loarabia/ManagedMediaHelpers but I was only able to play mp3 with the following specs: MPEG Version 1, 320000 Bit Rate and 44100 Sampling Rate – Daniel Mar 2 '12 at 11:25
Why does it play mp3 with the certain specs only? – Alexandre Mar 2 '12 at 11:39
@AlexMaslakov I think the Mpeg Frame on that solution don't support certain specs. I didn't try all the possible specs, but at least it didn't play when I choose a MPEG2 with 64000 bit rate and 22050 sampling rate. – Daniel Mar 2 '12 at 11:48
@Daniel: Hi Daniel, Can You Please See My Question stackoverflow.com/questions/14177334/… – Arslan Pervaiz Jan 6 '13 at 6:05

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