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sorry for my bad english, I'm french but will try to do my best.

After an authentication successful, my server send a token ("auth=34dfea103....34df") to the client.

Is it possible with a HTTP header to mention to the client if they want to access private data, they must return the token to prove they are identified ?

Or it's not possible and for each request they have to provide user and password fields ?


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Maybe are you talking about HTTP-Authentication? If you are using Tomcat server, it's easy to achieve this.

See my post here about HTTP-Authentication ; I give a like towards french documentation for Tomcat server.

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The standard mechanism for informing a client that they are not Authorized is to return a HTTP "401 Unauthorized" response... If you are using a token for auth I'm not sure if there is anyway to specify to the client how they should authenticate. You could include this in a machine parse-able (XML/JSON) body response.

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