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I'm having an issue creating my Oracle DB with schemaexport function of NHibernate. For a property defined as byte[], it creates a DB field of type RAW (btw limited to 2000 byte). This field type is not enough for my needs, and I need NH to create a blob field instead. How can I achive that? I tried declaring the field in the mapping file (I use xml mapping, thus hbm files) specifying either type="Binary" and type="BinaryBlob", but none of those seems to have the desired effects: the created field is always a RAW. Can anyone help me here?

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<property name="prop">
  <column name="blobcolumn" sql-type="BinaryBlob">

Update: maybe this could also do the trick

<property name="prop" type="Binary" length="1000000"/>
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can you point me where you find the sql-type possible values? And what's the difference with type="BinaryBlob"? – themarcuz Feb 22 '12 at 11:27
sql-type is there to specify database types present in your Database. I don't know if there are predefined values or if it is only sent as string in sqlcreatescript – Firo Feb 22 '12 at 12:00

I had a similar problem and the solution is the length attribute:

<property name="Attachment" length="5224880"/>

If you specify no length then whatever you write in the type attribute it's going to end as RAW(2000) in oracle because its maximum is 2000 bytes, but if you say I need 5 MB or in bytes its 5224880 bytes then nhibernate switch's to BLOB automatically because it's bigger then 2000 bytes

so given the dot net property

 public virtual byte[] Attachment { get; set; }

the proper mapping would be

<property name="Attachment" length="5224880"/>

Or you can explore the OracleLiteDialect.cs in the codebase (source code) of Nhibernate

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If someone wants a convention way to do the byte[] type translate into BLOB in database i came up with this:

public class ByteArrayToDbBlobConvention : IPropertyConvention, IPropertyConventionAcceptance
    public void Accept(IAcceptanceCriteria<IPropertyInspector> criteria)
        criteria.Expect(x => x.Type == typeof(byte[]));            

    public void Apply(IPropertyInstance instance)
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