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I have following code:

string date = "13.04.2012";
string date2 = (DateTime.Parse(date).AddDays(1)).ToString();

This is working correctly without a problem but after the DateTime.Parse function the variable date2 is '14.04.2012 00:00:00' but i would like to have only the date '14.04.2012' without the timestamp.

I thought about using the substring function like this:

string sub = date2.Substring(0, 10);

That would work like this but isn't there a better way to get that result?

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There is already one link in stackoverflow itself, try stackoverflow.com/questions/501460/format-date-in-c-sharp –  Muthu Feb 22 '12 at 11:19

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try this

string date = "13.04.2012";
string date2 = (DateTime.Parse(date).AddDays(1)).ToShortDateString();
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DateTime.Parse returns a DateTime value, which is not really a string so it's wrong to say that it has the value '14.04.2012 00:00:00'.

What you need to do here is add a format parameter to the ToString call, or use one of the convenience formatting methods.

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Try DateTime.Date property. May be it will be correct for this. See the below code part

DateTime dateOnly = date1.Date;

and out put will be

// 6/1/2008


or simply you can try

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I think you are after formatting

System.DateTime now = System.DateTime.Now;
System.DateTime newDate = now.AddDays(36);
System.Console.WriteLine("{0:dd.mm.yyyy}", newDate);
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