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I know how to post a message, etc. to a Facebook wall, but I want to post a custom HTML and JavaScript Facebook wall, and I want that HTML/JavaScript code to appear so users can use that from Facebook without leaving Facebook, like embedded YouTube videos I have seen this to be possible...

I use this to post to Facebook:

FacebookWebClient client = new FacebookWebClient();

// Post to user's wall
var postparameters = new Dictionary<string, object>();
postparameters["message"] = "Hello world!";
postparameters["name"] = "This is a name";
postparameters["link"] = "http://thisisalink.com;
postparameters["description"] = "This is a description";

var result = client.Post("/me/feed", postparameters);

How do I do this?

Maybe something like

postparameters["html"] = "html  or view";

If it is not possible, how do I post SWF content with Flash parameters?

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I don't think FB wil let you post script because of security issues. –  Shoban Feb 22 '12 at 11:20

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There is no way to post custom HTML or JavaScript code into a Facebook post because of security issues.

But you can still customize a lot of stuff like the link and the image, if you want to add an action link next to "Like, comment".

Find a lot more about publishing a post in Core Concepts › Graph API › Post.

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if it is not possible, how do I post SWF content with Flash parameters?

To post an SWF video, you will need to do some work.

First, create a page that the SWF videos lives on where you can specify Open Graph meta tags. Read more in The Open Graph protocol.

Then you need to create a post with a link to that page with the Open Graph tags. Then use the "link" parameter of the post object to point to the SWF file.

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