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I have a dataset with two tables and between these tables there is a relation:

 DataColumn dc1;
        DataColumn dc2;

        dc1 = q.Tables[0].Columns["dateFrom"];
        dc2 = q.Tables[1].Columns["dateFrom"];
        DataRelation dr = new DataRelation("tracker", dc1, dc2, false);

Now I want to remove from the first table all the rows that don't have a data in the second table. How can I do that?

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Would it not make more sense to rather just return the valid data in the first place? INNER JOIN probably would suit you better. –  f0x Feb 22 '12 at 11:26

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Why would you do that in the first place? You might lose important data in this case (unless you know it's unnecessary content). I assume that if there's data in the parent table then it must have been added for reason, or there might be a problem in your code. Have a look at that and try to avoid having dirty data.

With regards to your question, I would loop throug the main records and check if there's any parent records. At the same time compare and make sure the data can be deleted.

Hope it helps.

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Not tested, but you may get an idea from the below (you may not even need to set the relation)

var results = from table1 in q.Tables[0].AsEnumerable()
              join table2 in q.Tables[1].AsEnumerable() on table1["dateFrom"] equals table2["dateFrom"]                  
             select new { 
               dateFrom = table1["dateFrom"], 
               // anyother columns                 

Hope this helps and good luck


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