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I have developed a php website, now I want to give a options to view website content in different languages to users,I mean language translator to website. how can do this?

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I would recommend if you are targetting a real international audience that you translate the content server side, you can for example use the gettext extension and po edit. link This is a fairly simple process but does require actual translations adding to a dictionary. –  Gavin Feb 22 '12 at 21:24

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Easy enough, this will show a translation bar from Google Translate:

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You could simply use Google translate

Though I have to say that I would expect most users to know that google translate exists and/or have a translation tool installed in their browser which automatically prompts them to translate content when they view a site in a language they aren't familiar with. As such these kind of translation tools are somewhat superfluous.

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Thanks that is working fine...with the name "Powered by Google Translate" is there any way to hide it in my website? –  AMY Feb 22 '12 at 12:34

check the following link to translate the site bia google and other link for the tutorial of translator are : php-google-translator and google.translator

You can integrate any one that you want.

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You can integrate Google Translate into your site quite easily:

Note that this is a statistical automatic translation tool - the results will make sense, maybe, more often than not; but it's quite possible to get horrible mistranslations as well. Also, you won't create a translator, but merely use the one that Google is offering to the public; actually creating one would take man-centuries of effort.

(IMNSHO, there is currently no good automatic translation tool - for all the effort we only have mediocre ones so far - and there won't be one until (if) we have strong AI. Google Translate et c. are okay for translating websites, if the user has a basic understanding of the original language, though.)

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There is no good automatic translation tool for web pages in general. Although such tools are occasionally useful to people who want to get just a very rough idea of the topic of page, there is little if any added value in setting up such a feature on a per-site or per-page basis. Google translation is easy to use without any widgets on the page itself; and Google Translate is well known (if not all-too-well).

Automatic translation, with existing techniques, plugged into a page can be useful in special cases like a) dynamically generated content with very simple grammatical structure and b) user input, to be translated e.g. from the user’s native language into English, so that the user is in command and may decide e.g. to submit the translated text if it looks good.

You can use Google Website Translator for such purposes, see simple translation demo and user input translation demo.

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