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How do I format Erlang terms without detecting lists of printable character codes? E.g. instead of

1> io:format("foo=~p~n", [[50]]). 

I want to get foo=[50].

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As of R16B, you can use the l (small letter ell) modifier to the ~p format directive to disable string detection:

1> io:format("~p~n", [[10]]).
2> io:format("~lp~n", [[10]]).

This means that you can still get the line breaks and depth limitation that ~p offers as opposed to ~w.

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if you use "~w" rather than "~p" it should give you the list without changing it into a string:

io:format("foo=~w~n", [[50]]). 

see the documentatin for it here:


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Use flag ~w in io:format.

1> io:format("foo=~w~n", [[50]]). 
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