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I'm very interested in the Leaflet Map Api (http://leaflet.cloudmade.com/). However, I need to be able to use the Google Satellite Layer. I have not been able to find an example on how to add a Google Satellite Layer to Leaflet. I understand that I will still need to load the Google Maps API to do this (OpenLayers has an example).



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Leaflet has an official page for publishing all available plugins: http://leafletjs.com/plugins.html

You will find plugins there for adding Google layers support to Leaflet.

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There's a third-party plugin for it: Demo: http://psha.org.ru/leaflet/bel.html (switch to Google Maps with the switcher) Source: http://psha.org.ru/leaflet/Google.js

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this repository contains few tile layers google and other and very useful other plugins: https://github.com/shramov/leaflet-plugins

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