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I have a parent object containing a collection of children:

class Parent {  
    int Id {get;set;}
    IList<Child> Children {get;set;}

 class Child {
    int Id {get;set;}
    int Value {get;set;}
    Parent Parent {get;set;}

The mapping whith FluentNHibernate is


Id(x => x.Id, "id").GeneratedBy.Assigned();
HasMany<Child>(x => x.Children).AsBag().KeyColumn("parentid").Inverse()


Id(x => x.Id).GeneratedBy.Assigned();
Map(x => x.Value, "value");
References<Parent>(x => x.Parent, "parentid").NotFound.Ignore();

I have to map whith NHibernate a SQL query like this:

select p.id, sum(c.value)
from parent p, child c
where p.id = c.parentid

Is it possible to translate this query whith QueryOver?


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see the example for using 'average' under the 'projections' section here. you can do the same for 'sum'. nhforge.org/blogs/nhibernate/archive/2009/12/17/… –  sJhonny Feb 22 '12 at 14:53
Jhonny, thanks for your reply. My problem is different from the case explained in that example. I want to get the sum of "Value" properties; I would something like this: IList selection = session.QueryOver<Parent>() .Select(Projections.ProjectionList() .Add(Projections.Property<Parent>(c => c.Id)) .Add(Projections.Sum<Child>(c => c.Value))) .List<object[]>(); But this is not possible, because I'm not able to get the sum of the Value of the joined Children –  pippo Feb 22 '12 at 17:00

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can you try this

Child childAlias = null;
var selection = session.QueryOver<Parent>()
    .JoinAlias(p => p.Childs, () => childAlias)
    .Select(Projections.Group(Projections.Id()), Projections.Sum(() => childAlias.Value))
    .Select(arr => new { Id = (int)arr[0], Sum = (int)arr[1] });

or this

Child parentAlias = null;
var selection = session.QueryOver(() => parentAlias)
    .Select(Projections.Id(), Projections.SubQuery(QueryOver.Of<Child>()
        .Where(c => c.Parent == parentAlias)
        .Select(Projections.Sum<Child>(c => c.Value))
    .Select(arr => new { Id = (int)arr[0], Sum = (int)arr[1] });

or this

IList selection = from p in session.Query<Parent>
                  select new { p.Id, Sum = p.Childs.Sum(c => c.Value) };
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Thanks for your reply: the first solution is what I'm looking for. I have added the grouping clause, so the solution is: Child childAlias = null; var selection = session.QueryOver<Parent>() .JoinAlias(p => p.Children, () => childAlias) .Select(Projections.Id(), Projections.Sum(() => childAlias.Value), Projections.Group<Parent>(p => p.Id)) .List<object[]>() .Select(arr => new { Id = (int)arr[0], Sum = (int)arr[1] }); –  pippo Feb 24 '12 at 11:25
i will add it to the answer. the second query should work too, no? –  Firo Feb 24 '12 at 11:52

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