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I am new to Haxe was trying to compile a .hx file. This file uses ExprRequire. Is this class deprecated from the latest versions? Everytime, I compile I get class not found ExprRequire. I do not also see any file name ExprRequire.hx at \haxe\std\haxe\macro with haxe versions 2.0.7 and 2.0.8.

If this file is deprecated what class should I be using to replace it. Also if someone could place a simple code that could help me understand the migration from ExprRequire to the other class.


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Have you tried adding import haxe.macro.Expr; ? As far as I known, ExprRequire is defined within haxe.macro.Expr module. You can read more about modules here

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ExprRequire is found in haxe.macro.Expr. It is actually a replacement for a regular Expr, that includes a type for type completion when using the macro. To use that file, all you should have to do is add import haxe.macro.Expr; to the top of the file with the other imports.

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