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I want to change the circle radius dependent on the slider position

I created both individually. while apply the circle method to the the Progress bar. facing error.

Actually I call the Progress-Bar(Seek Bar) with


and for drawing circle as you know I have to used setContentView(demoview);

Query: I want to merge both layout as display into image.

I didn't have idea will it possible or not?

Any guidance,tutorial appreciable.

Thanks for give your valuable time for my query. Hope you have solution.

enter image description here

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I didn't totally understand, what you are trying to achieve. Do you want to change the circle radius dependent on the slider position? –  henrik Feb 22 '12 at 12:56
yes..you are 100% right.But before that I want to display both into one screen while doing that I am facing error. –  AndroEmbedded Feb 22 '12 at 13:05

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Check this out.. I am not using android seekbar, instead i am drawing a similar seekbar on canvas.. Check if this code can help u..

package com.test;

import android.content.Context;
import android.graphics.Canvas;
import android.graphics.Color;
import android.graphics.Paint;
import android.util.AttributeSet;
import android.view.MotionEvent;
import android.view.View;
import android.view.View.OnTouchListener;

public class SampleComp extends View implements OnTouchListener {

    private Paint paint = null;
    private int width = 0;
    private int height = 0;
    private int barStartX = 20;
    private int barStartY = 20;
    private int barEndX;
    private int barEndY = 30;
    private int radius;
    private int heightAvailableForCircle;
    private int widthAvailableForCircle;
    private int maxRadius;
    private int totalSeekBarLength;
    private int currentSeekBarLength = 10;
    private int whatPercentOfSeekBarIsSelected = 50;

    public SampleComp(Context context) {

        paint = new Paint();
    public SampleComp(Context context, AttributeSet attrs) {

        super(context, attrs);
        paint = new Paint();
    public SampleComp(Context context, AttributeSet attrs, int defStyle) {

        super(context, attrs, defStyle);
        paint = new Paint();

    public void onDraw(Canvas canvas){

        barEndX = getWidth() - 20;

        setHeightAvailableForCircle(getViewHeight() - barEndY);
        setWidthAvailableForCircle(getViewWidth() - 40);
        System.out.println("heightAvailableForCircle: "+getAvailableHeightForCircle());
        System.out.println("widthAvailableForCircle: "+getWidthAvailableForCircle());
        totalSeekBarLength = barEndX - barStartX;
        System.out.println("SEEK LEN: "+totalSeekBarLength);
        canvas.drawRect(barStartX, barStartY, barEndX, barEndY, paint);
        setMaxRadius(heightAvailableForCircle, widthAvailableForCircle);
        whatPercentOfSeekBarIsSelected = getSelectedSeekBarPercentage(totalSeekBarLength,getCurrentSeekBarLenghtSelected());
        System.out.println("whatPercentOfSeekBarIsSelected: "+whatPercentOfSeekBarIsSelected);
        System.out.println("!!!!!: "+canvas.getWidth());
        System.out.println("@@@@: "+getViewWidth());
        System.out.println("^^^^^^^^^************: "+ (whatPercentOfSeekBarIsSelected * (getViewWidth() - 40)) / 100);
        canvas.drawRect(barStartX, barStartY, ( (whatPercentOfSeekBarIsSelected * (getViewWidth() - 40)) / 100) + 20,
                barEndY, paint);
        canvas.drawCircle( (canvas.getWidth())/2, (canvas.getHeight() - 30)/2, radius, paint);

    private void setRadius(int per){

        this.radius = (getMaxRadius() * per)/100;
    private int getSelectedSeekBarPercentage(int total, int current){

        int per = 0;
        per = ( (current * 100) / total);
        return per;
    private void setRadius(int total, int current){

        System.out.println("total: "+total);
        System.out.println("current: "+current);
        this.radius = ( ( (getMaxRadius()/2) * current) / 100);
        System.out.println("radius: "+this.radius);
    private void setMaxRadius(int h, int w){

        this.maxRadius = h < w ? h/2 : w/2 ;
    private int getMaxRadius(){

        return this.maxRadius;
    private void setWidth(int w){

        this.width = w;

    private void setHeight(int h){

        this.height = h;

    private int getViewWidth(){

        return this.width;

    private int getViewHeight() {

        return this.height;

    private void setHeightAvailableForCircle(int availableHeightForCircle){

        this.heightAvailableForCircle = availableHeightForCircle;
    private int getAvailableHeightForCircle(){

        return this.heightAvailableForCircle;

    private void setWidthAvailableForCircle(int wid){

        this.widthAvailableForCircle = wid;

    private int getWidthAvailableForCircle(){

        return this.widthAvailableForCircle;
    private void setCurrentSeekBarLength(int x){

        this.currentSeekBarLength = x;
    private int getCurrentSeekBarLenghtSelected(){

        return this.currentSeekBarLength;
    public boolean onTouch(View v, MotionEvent event) {

        int x = (int) event.getX();
        int y = (int) event.getY();
        System.out.println("x: "+x);
        System.out.println("y: "+y);

        if(x >= 10 && x<= barEndX && y >= 10 && y <= 30){

            setCurrentSeekBarLength(x - 20);
        return false;

And this is my Activity class:

package com.test;

import android.app.Activity;
import android.graphics.Bitmap;
import android.graphics.Bitmap.Config;
import android.graphics.Canvas;
import android.graphics.Paint;
import android.graphics.drawable.BitmapDrawable;
import android.os.Bundle;
import android.widget.ImageView;

public class SampleActivity extends Activity {

    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        setContentView(new SampleComp(this));
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Can u be little more specific regarding what u want to achieve. Ur question isn't that clear. What i can make out is, u want to increase/decrease the radius of the circle based on the progress bar value.

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this is my second priority .right now I want to display circle with the progress bar in on layout will it possible? how? After that I want to change the radius with progress Bar. Hope you are now clear about this... –  AndroEmbedded Feb 22 '12 at 13:18

Have a look at the android custom component guide. You basically have to derive your circle component from android.view.View. Then you can add it to your layout like every other component.

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