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I am trying to solve the following problem:

My SSIS package is storing a number of values (beginning row count, rows loaded, ending row count) for each data flow task, along with the name of the task and the start/end times. I would like to add the ability to store the name of the source and destination tables as well, but cannot figure out how to make an expression or variable to discover and store those values for later entry into the logging table.

I know that you can set up a source or destination to dynamically retrieve the name FROM a variable: that's not what I am trying to do. I want to have a variable pull the table name from the OLE DB object.

I also know I could just type the table name into a variable, then store that. But that would mean manual typing, repeating the same process for each data flow, the possibility that the variable would have the wrong value stored, etc.

My OLE Source has a property called "SQLCommand", and my OLE Destination has a property called "OpenRowset" - if I can find a way to retrieve or store that value, I'll be happy.

Any help is appreciated.

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