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We are using Envers with both Oracle and MySQL without any problem. We are now trying PostgreSQL but we have the problem that the audit tables are created with a column REVTYPE of type TINYINT.

TINYINT is not supported by PostgreSQL.

Is there a way to change the type of REVTYPE?


create table AUD_SomeTable (
  dbId bigint not null,
  REV integer not null,
  REVTYPE tinyint,
  primary key (dbId, REV)


Problem solved: I forgot the change the Hibernate dialect.

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I don't know about about Envers, but you could create a new domain type.

  AS smallint;

You can add CONSTRAINS to check for e.g. a postive value.

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Thanks for the answer: this works but I noticed that I just forgot to change the Hibernate dialect setting ... –  Matteo Feb 22 '12 at 14:30

You should test whether this is really an Envers issue or an Hibernate issue. Try mapping an entity with a property byte type using hibernate only. If it tries to generate a tinyint column it would be a Hibernate issue.

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It was a configuration issue. Specifying the correct Hibernate dialect solved the problem. –  Matteo Feb 22 '12 at 15:03

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