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Question from SugarCRM;

Accounts { module} => Contacts {Module}   Many : to Many Relationship.

My Requirement is: Show all those contacts of the detail view of this Account as well as its Sub-Account Also.


Suppose : PARENT ACCOUNT : PA ( i.e Detail View Account ) have 2 Contacts as PA_contact1,PA_contact2


  1. CHILD ACCOUNT CA1 of PA Account have also 3 contacts. as CA1_contacts1,CA1_contacts2,CA1_contacts3,
  2. another CHILD ACCOUNT CA2 of PA Account have also 3 contacts. as CA2_contacts1,CA2_contacts2,CA2_contacts3,

so whenever we go to PARENT ACCOUNT Detail View , the Contacts SubPanel show all these Contacts:

PA_contact1,PA_contact2     "plus"  

CA1_contacts1,CA1_contacts2,CA1_contacts3     "plus"


with one Additional Field from Accounts Table " Account_Name" for differentiate them in SubPanel List.

My Problem:

I got the code for create subpanels using table data directly from this link This Link

but by this way , its break the Pagination and in this link not give idea that "How to Add Account_Name Field in Contact SubPanel with all this condition".

so please guide me how to fix this issue.

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i have done the task " Add Account Name Field in subpanel ",and pagination task also but pagination task is not upgrade safe because that need to change thing in sugarcrm Core file i.e module.php the line is [ "$beanFiles['Account'] = 'custom/modules/Accounts/Account.php'; "] and add subpanel getData() function in custom/modules/Accounts/Account.php, so if any one know how to get pagination as upgrade safe. –  Nazmul Hassan Feb 23 '12 at 10:41

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