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I am getting an error for the following code:

 <?xml version="1.0"?>

<project name="Mybuild">
<include buildfile="config.xml" />

 <target name="build_my_solution">
 <mkdir dir="C:\Done" />
 <exec program="${NAntBuildPath}" output="${dir}>
  <arg line="${solution_file}" >
  <arg line="/property:Configuration=Release;AllowUnsafeBlocks=true" />
  <arg value="/target:Rebuild" />
  <arg value="/verbosity:normal" />
  <arg value="/nologo" />
  <arg value="/maxcpucount:2" /> 


ERROR(In Internet Explorer): The character '<' cannot be used in an attribute value. Error processing resource 'file:///C:/xxx/MyProject/...


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You are missing a closing quote mark in the exec element. It should be

<exec program="${NAntBuildPath}" output="${dir}"> 

Furthermore, the following arg element is not closed correctly. It should be

<arg line="${solution_file}" />

If you make these two changes, you should end up with well formed XML.

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Thanks Tim..it was a silly mistake..:) –  dibya Feb 22 '12 at 15:02

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