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I'm trying to use a jquery-plugin called bigText. An awesome plugin for create block-headers. If you want to use this with a custom font, it states that you need google webfont loader, this way you can use a callback to trigger the plugin AFTER the @fontface has loaded/rendered.

It works fine in FF, Safari, Chrome, but it keeps crashing ie6-7-8, hard. A soon as the page loads it says it has an error and asks if you want to send a report to MS.

You can check out the code here

I'm sure this is triggered by the Google font loader, When commenting out all the other parts of the code it still seems to crash. When commenting out the google font-loader bit, all the other things work => font loader only example

Has anyone here ever experienced a bug like this and maybe found a solution?

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First of all, I have had the same bug.

The first note is that you must reproduce the bug on NATIVE IE 6-8, not IE 9 using the Dev Tools -> Browser Mode.

I have isolated the bug to an incompatibility with Modernizr 2.5.2, simply upgrade your modernizr build and you'll be all set~

EDIT - Just upgrade to the latest version 2.5.3 of Your Build Here

Edit 2 — Verified that it's fixed on our Orlando Web Design Page

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