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I have a multi-page document and I'm binding to the pageshow event of page "myId":

$('#myId').live('pageshow', renderMyIdTempalates);

I'm applying my JSON templates with PURE like this

function renderMyIdTempalates(event) {
    var $page = $("#myId");
    // do ajax call
       $page.children( ":jqmData(role=header)" ).directives(...).render(data); 
       $page.children( ":jqmData(role=content)" ).directives(...).render(data);

Initially I was using


to apply my templates. This caused problems since the selector didn't include the jqm attributes. So I used the jqmData method to grab the header and content to apply my templates. This works fine, but how do I select the entire document that I'm working with? I would prefer to apply my templates to the entire document once. I tried:

$(":jqmData(role=page)") // selects all pages
$(":jqmData(id=myId)") // no luck

Any ideas?

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the selector


should work. just remember that myID should not be the id of that div.
That page div should have a parameter data-id="myID"

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Thanks, that allows me to select the page with all the jqm attributes. Seems like PURE isn't working right with some of the page attributes... but this is a separate issue. – bmurmistro Feb 22 '12 at 15:04

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