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I'm trying to build an RPM using rpmbuild, which would work for both RHEL 5.7 machines and RHEL 6.1 machines, and I'm having some trouble understanding how to structure my rpmbuild/SOURCE directory.

According to what I understood, if my package name is XXX, than I need to prepare rpmbuild/SOURCE/XXX.tar.gz, a tarball which contains: 1. A directory named XXX; 2. In it, all the directories and files I'm installing should be ordered as if their paths are relative to the root directory (i.e. /)

For instance, if I want to install a file called foo.sh to /tmp/XXXdir/, I need to have rpmbuild/SOURCE/XXX.tar.gz contain XXX/tpm/xxxdir/foo.sh

This is what I understood and this is what works when I install my RPM on my RHEL 5.7 machine (i.e. in the example above the file is installaed to /tmp/XXXdir/foo.sh). However, on an RHEL 6.1 machine I get the undesired behaviour of having my files installed to a newly created /XXX directory, and from there I get the same tree structure I wanted for / (i.e. in the example above I get the file at /XXX/tmp/XXXdir/foo.sh).

Any idea why this happenes? Perhaps I've got it wrong and my rpmbuild/SOURCE structure is not as it should be? Any insights would be very helpful.

Thanks a lot in advance, Lior

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