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I want to integrate slick in JFrame. But I am facing following problem: 1. When I try to close frame, it stop slick game but not frame.

Please find my code as below:

CanvasGameContainer canvasGameContainer1 = new CanvasGameContainer(new MainGame("Game 1"));
canvasGameContainer1.setBounds(20, 20, 400, 400);
newFrame = new JFrame("With JFrame");

I have posted same on slick forum but no solution. here is a link for same...

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I don't know why you need to wrap it in a JFrame. Are you also adding menus to the app (instead of rendering them inside the game container, for example)? I guess my question is, why are you wrapping it in a JFrame to start with - maybe there's a specific use case I'm not thinking of? Can you post a screenshot by chance?

I think mixing the windowing kits might be problematic. I just create an instance of an AppGameContainer, and set the fullscreen option to false. As a result, Slick just gives me a window with a close button. When I click the close button, the app closes normally.

I've only officially tested this on Mac OS X 10.6, with JDK 6, but theoretically it should work elsewhere.

Here's the file and code where I initialize my container:


AppGameContainer container = new AppGameContainer(pedSim);
container.setDisplayMode(800, 600, false);
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Actually I have ready made Swing application. I have to optimize 2D rendering part of it. That is why I want it to render inside JFrame. No I don't have to render menus inside the game container. I am using mouse and keyboard listeners of game container. –  Mahendra Korat Feb 23 '12 at 16:26
Ah, I see. Well, I would just abandon the Swing interface, if I were you, for games. Slick pretty much has everything you need to just get a simple surface to draw in, inside or outside of a window. While it's possible to build a game in Swing, I don't tend to recommend it for a few reasons, as outlined in the answer on this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/7781040/… –  jefflunt Feb 23 '12 at 17:59
@normalocity, I work with Mahendra, We are having an enterprise application, and we are currently using core Java2D for a navigational top view of XYZ facility, which very simple (just have panning and zooming) but for making it more interactive (clicks on objects / optimized images) we selected Slick and did a prototype, Jframe containing this app is having lot of functionality. like showing information, forms etc, as any enterprise (also boring) app. –  Nachiket Feb 24 '12 at 4:46
Hmm. that's the first time I've heard of anyone using slick or enterprise. cool. –  jefflunt Feb 24 '12 at 12:37
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Please find answer on this link....

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Welcome to Stack Overflow! To prevent link rot, we strongly recommend answering the question in a way that can provide the answer without having to visit the web page you've linked to, in the case that it no longer exists when some future user comes here looking for help. –  Zoot Mar 1 '12 at 16:33
The link no longer works. What a poor answer! One down vote. –  Anh Tuan Nov 12 '14 at 4:29

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