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I want to make a form where people can sign up for a course. Number of people for a course is limited. I want to make a page where user can see how many places are still available and that number is dynamically updated, so if another user signs for a course the other one sees change. When number of available places reaches 0 the signup button should be disabled. Such task should be easy to implement but I am afraid it is not. I suppose some Ajax will be involved but how to handle server side counting? WebServices? I have a problem to design a logic behind all of this.

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The technology/technique you're looking for is called Server Push.

Basic idea: Client should respond to some events happening on Server.

Possible solutions:

  1. Polling some server action via AJAX in a timely fashion;
  2. Keeping long-running AJAX request open on server-side until timeout occurs or event happens, then process acquired result on client (determine if it was server action or just timeout), reestablish connection from client if necessary.

and a couple of other solutions which are basically variations of the above two. Also solution will much depend on server-side technology you're using.

Google has a short yet very informative article on what this technique is and how it can be implemented here. It's (almost) technology agnostic so it should help you to understand concepts and possible solutions.

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I'd use a database on the server. For the "courses" table, have an associated table containing the "bookings". Add them up in a SQL query.

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