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We have some trainees and we would like to give them some introductory tasks in JIRA.

We are using JIRA version 4.4.

What is the least intrusive way (avoiding creating global groups or permissions, if possible) in JIRA to achieve the following:

  • restrict the trainee user account so he can browse only a certain single project and no other projects are visible to him in menu, dashboards etc.
  • give this user the same permissions as default jira-developer has, but only for his associated project


Those trainees might leave after a month or two, so we would like to be able to delete their accounts later as easy as possible (without any linking issues, like "You cannot delete this because it is associated with that"...).

I tried to add one of the trainee accounts to a project using People tab. I added this user to Developers and Users sections, but still this user has a message: "You do not have a permission to log in." when trying to log-in.

If I add this user to jira-users group, he can log-in, but he is able to see all the projects.

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i think it's more of a software usage question then a programming one, maybe better suited for pm.stackexchange.com –  Jonathan Feb 22 '12 at 16:18

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It depends which groups have the Developer and User project roles. By default these are jira-developers and jira-users. I would create a new project TRAINING and grant the Developers and Users roles to the trainee user ids explicitly. Now they can play in that project.

The harder parts are to restrict them from the other projects yet still allow them to log in. If the default groups are in use then do not add them to jira-users or jira-developers. You will have to define a jira-trainees group and add to the Global Permissions to allow them to log in.

Come to think of it, if you've ended up defining a jira-trainees group then you might as well use it in the project roles instead of their individual user ids. Once this is all set up you only have to add a user to jira-traininees, make sure they're not in jira-developers and jir-users and you're ready to go.

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"define a jira-trainees group and add to the Global Permissions to allow them to log in." <- thanks, this was a missing piece, now everything works. –  Martin Feb 23 '12 at 9:36

I wrote a tutorial on how to do this as it's so difficult to do especially for casual users.

Unfortunately you have to create a group and permissions scheme (and learn how to unhook the users group from the default permissions scheme, but I've laid it out really easily here so you'll not find an easier guide:


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mdoar's answer has the guts, but here's a more step by step answer, specifically for the "You do not have a permission to log in." part.

Let's say you are logged in to Administration and there is a group 'My group for project X' and some users are assigned to this group. 1. Go to Users -> Global Permissions 2. Have a quick read about "JIRA Users" 3. In the "Add Permission" section choose "JIRA Users" as "Permission" and your group as "Group" and hit add. 4. All users from 'My group for project X' should now be able to log in.

For other access problems you may find "Premission Helper" useful (just look for it in the Administration Quick Search in the top right corner).

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