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I've installed it in Firefox, but, how do I actually get to it? I don't see it in my toolbar, I don't see if it I right click anywhere close to my toolbar. It's not one of the Chrome-looking extension buttons. Thanks.

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Right click your navigation toolbar and click "Customize", then scroll down and find User Agent Switcher icon. You can drag&drop it to your navigation toolbar.

You can start using it this way.

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for me this is the right answer. The User Agent switcher icon isn't displayed by default... –  Shide Aug 20 '14 at 7:25

Underneath tools you should see a "Default User Agent" drop down. Roll over this menu item and you should see alternative User Agents. Screenshot @ http://www.bemoko.com/training/help/product/useragent-switcher including an import file with a good collection of mobile user agents (nicely organised and annotated with screen dimensions)

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