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I'm working in a very restrictive environment, I cannot execute any curl or wget scripts like lein.sh/.bat, nor can I "git" the code. I have the leiningen-x.x.x-standalone.jar which does not make up a complete leiningen setup. How can I setup a complete leiningen, offline? is there something like a "complete" download? If not what are the essential parts? What is the required file system layout?

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the "correct" approach for working with maven in a protected enterprise setting would be to setup a repo mirror, populate it with all the jars you need, and then add it to your ~/.m2/settings.xml file to mirror everything.


this is a lot of work up front, though it can pay off in the long run because you can use the mirror internally for later projects (and to make downloads faster)

copying a working .m2 directory is a perfectly respectable hack as well

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Copying .m2 directory and the lein sh script should do the trick.

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