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I need to copy alert details to Case details with its relation of customer, accounts etc. which is of related to alert as one alert to many customer. I tried this way but it gives me an error "The EntityCollection has already been initialized. The InitializeRelatedCollection method should only be called to initialize a new EntityCollection during deserialization of an object graph."

 if (alertDetails.IncidentAccounts != null)
            caseDetails.IncidentAccounts = alertDetails.IncidentAccounts;
        if (alertDetails.IncidentCustomers != null)
            caseDetails.IncidentCustomers = alertDetails.IncidentCustomers;
        if (alertDetails.IncidentTransactions != null)
            caseDetails.IncidentTransactions = alertDetails.IncidentTransactions;
        if (alertDetails.IncidentCheckFraudTransactions != null)
            caseDetails.IncidentCheckFraudTransactions = alertDetails.IncidentCheckFraudTransactions;
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If all of those objects are collections you need to copy them accordingly:

caseDetails.IncidentAccounts.AddRange( alerdDetails.IncidentAccounts )

but it is really hard to tell without seeing the model definition.

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Thank you for your suggestion. but there is no method for EntityCollection<Entity> dosen't have method AddRange(); –  Amol Pandit Feb 23 '12 at 14:20
it is really hard to know for me here without seeing the actual model definition for caseDetails and alertDetails object respectively... –  b0rg Feb 23 '12 at 14:25

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