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i am using windows .my xampp is install in drive C ,firstly i worked here in my files

 C->xampp->htdocs->SVN data->php_clients->trunks->myproject

but than for SVN i copy paste my all files here now SVN Is configured here

D->SVN data->php_clients->trunks->myproject

i am testing my project locally i mean in localhost,firstly it was in

 C->xampp->htdocs->SVN data->php_clients->trunks->myproject

so i was able to work ,test,update now i am suppose to work in files which is located here

 D->SVN data->php_clients->trunks->myproject

but problem is of xampp what is the nice and easy way so that i work here and work locally that is localhost

D->SVN data->php_clients->trunks->myproject
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go  here that is C:\xampp\apache\conf\httpd.conf 
open httpd.conf
Find This DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs" Edit this to 
DocumentRoot "D:/SVN data/php_clients/trunks/myproject"
after that find this tag
<Directory> and make it like this 
<Directory "D:/SVN data/php_clients/trunks/myproject">
Restart Your Apache go to browser write http://localhost in address bar and see your app
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