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I am building my interface in Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express and I've noticed that there is not a 'set parent' property in a control's property toolbar?

I am wondering why this is and if there is a clean way to enable this feature. or if not, why it's not available?

An example of why I need it is that when I'm using a Splitcontainer and Panel1 has 10 child panels all with Dock mode 'FIll', it becomes incredibly difficult to add a new panel to the Spitcontainer Panel 1. Visual Studio always assumes that I'm trying to place my new panel as a child of the most-forefront panel already present.

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Can you not use the document outline window? link. This will allow you to re-arrange the control hierarchy and child controls.

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By-golly I think this will work. I'll play with it some and come back with a report. –  atwellpub Feb 22 '12 at 17:19

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