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Using Rails 3.2 trying twitter bootstrap and using formtastic-bootstrap with these gems as I found recommended

gem 'formtastic', git: 'git://', branch: '2.1-stable' gem 'formtastic-bootstrap', git: 'git://', branch: 'bootstrap2-rails3-2-formtastic-2-1'

If I require them in the manifest in application.css then they work and forms get the twitter styles however I want to override some of the colours so I know I need to use @import so I can override the $ vars.So I have put this in application.css after the manifest

@import 'twitter/bootstrap'; @import 'formtastic-bootstrap.css';

I can see these files have been got by the browser but the styles are not being applied

What am I getting wrong?

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Sorry! as I was upgrading a rails 3.1 app I did not see that application.css was application.css not application.css.scss! My bad! Now that sass sees the @import as its own instruction and not a css @import it works as expected.

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