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I have a syntax error with my while loop and my code is as follows

#! /bin/bash
# extracts pdb from mdcrd and fix number and move to one central location


while [[ $i -le $folders ]]; do
 cd ~/new/sa/na-main/a-na-main/second/$i
 mkdir pdbfit


 while [[ $x -le $num_structures ]]; do

   ptraj ./8a-${a}.prmtop << EOF
   trajin $filename$a.mdcrd $x $x 1
   trajout pdbfit/a-2-$i.pdb pdb dumpq
 let x=$x+1

 cd pdbfit 
 mv *.* ~/pdbfit
 cd ..
 rm pdbfit

let i=$i+1

I get line 34 syntax error stating " syntax error : unexpected end of file"

as a untrained eye I have tried but failed to fix this problem so if anyone can help me with this then that will be greatful.

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Make sure EOF is at the start of the line.

   ptraj ./8a-${a}.prmtop << EOF
   trajin $filename$a.mdcrd $x $x 1
   trajout pdbfit/a-2-$i.pdb pdb dumpq
^ no space before the E
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thank you it is working now. – do yong kim Feb 22 '12 at 19:07

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