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I needed compiling and generate a .DER file from my example ASN1

  name IA5String (SIZE (1..60)),
  team IA5String (SIZE (1..60)),
  age INTEGER (1..100),
  position IA5String (SIZE (1..60)),
  handedness ENUMERATED
  {left-handed(0), right-handed(1), ambidextrous(2)},
  batting-average REAL

myCard BBCard ::= {
  name "Casey",
  team "Mudville Nine",
  age 32,
  position "left field",
  handedness ambidextrous,
  batting-average {mantissa 250, base 10, exponent -3}

I don't know how to do it, I try asn1c command, but this compiling C/C++.

Any help please.

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In general, you use an ASN.1 compiler to generate C, C++ or Java code from the ASN.1 specification, then write your own program to call the encoder with the data you would like encoded in DER.

You could also try a GUI such as the OSS ASN.1 Studio from OSS Nokalva which allows you to compile an ASN.1 specification, and encode/decode/edit values without needing to write any code. Try downloading a free trial of the OSS ASN.1 Tools for C, C++ or Java, all of which include a free trial of the OSS ASN.1 Studio IDE. You can download a free trial from http://www.oss.com/asn1/products/asn1-download.html.

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