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I am working on calling an instance method using JNI in Android. All code compiles, yet to protect the content of the project, I only will show relevant parts of the code. The following code block (extern c used in a c++ file) attempts to access a static method [public String getMyString()] in cls. I know that cls and env are not null. mid is not set to zero, nor is it null. When this native method returns to the Java side, I get the following error (traced back to Class.java):

02-22 10:38:36.010: E/AndroidRuntime(17894): FATAL EXCEPTION: GLThread 10
02-22 10:38:36.010: E/AndroidRuntime(17894): java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: parameter type is null
02-22 10:38:36.010: E/AndroidRuntime(17894):    at java.lang.ClassMembers.getConstructorOrMethod(ClassMembers.java:228)
02-22 10:38:36.010: E/AndroidRuntime(17894):    at java.lang.Class.getMethod(Class.java:904)
02-22 10:38:36.010: E/AndroidRuntime(17894):    at com.example.android.MyClass.getMyString(Native Method)
02-22 10:38:36.010: ...

The code that generates the error is as follows:

    jmethodID mid = env->GetMethodID(cls, "getMyString", "()Ljava/lang/String;");
    if (mid == 0) {
        __android_log_write(ANDROID_LOG_INFO, "JNI", "mid is 0");
    else {
        __android_log_write(ANDROID_LOG_INFO, "JNI", "mid is not 0");
    jstr = (jstring) env->CallObjectMethod(obj, mid);
    if (jstr == NULL) {
        __android_log_write(ANDROID_LOG_INFO, "JNI", "jstr is NULL");
    else {
        __android_log_write(ANDROID_LOG_INFO, "JNI", "jstr is not NULL");

    printf("  c.s = \"%s\"\n", env->GetStringUTFChars(jstr, NULL));

    return jstr;

Although Class.java seems to suggest it is a problem with the cast from null to Class<?>[] (common for reflection), I have a feeling it has more to do with mid finding the wrong method or jstr coming back incorrectly (logcat states that jstr is NOT null).

Lastly, the Java-side relevant code is as follows:

The native call:

public static native String getMyNativeString();

The call to the native method:

String myStr = callGetMyNativeString();

The method that is being accessed:

public String getMyString() {
    return "Foobar";
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I can't be sure of this without seeing the full java code. But the native method is being defined as static, and the java method getMyString() is non-static. So from the JNI, how did you get the obj needed to call getMyString()?

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